English Day Spa Services

Massage is good for you.

Yes, massage feels great! Many describe it as a transforming experience. Besides feeling good it benefits the body physiologically in many ways:

  • Relieves stiff sore muscles by ridding them of waste materials, loosening and stretching tissues.
  • Develops healthier, better-nourished skin.
  • Faster healing time for injured muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Your massage therapist will listen carefully to what you hope to get out of your massage. She will give you the chance to tell her how much pressure you prefer, areas you may want to focus on, or any injuries/tight spots you may have. Also the comfort and modesty of each person is of utmost importance. You will be covered with a sheet throughout the whole session and only the body part receiving treatment will be uncovered.

Your Spa experience is tailored to meet your specific needs. If you suffer from neck and shoulder tension a deep massage will help to relieve the discomfort. Do you feel like stress manages you?

Create the Relaxing, Refreshing and Rejuvenating Day to suit your needs.

Day Spa Pricing

60 minute massage treatment $75.00

90 minute massage treatment $99.00


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